About Intelacomm™ and its Leaders!

Intelacomm™ is a multidimensional digital technology enterprise creatively engaged in the future of commerce.  We design, develop, and implement hi- tech automations, systems and methodologies for digital marketing and eCommerce applications. Our team is driven by the satisfaction of accomplishing innovation.


Using our broad experiences we identify unique opportunities with optimum potential to deliver the highest ROI for our clients and partners.


Unique approach incorporates digital marketing and data management in a single step solution.


Developing our own digital marketing tools, designed IP and proprietary database business management tools


Digital Marketing / SEO / SMM

Most Marketing Firms do not offer all of the services needed in an comprehensive digital marketing plan. When they do, each of these services is priced and sold individually, costing you just short of a fortune.

Here at ResourceShark™ we do it a bit differently! We provide all our available Marketing services bundled together, ensuring your business gets a multidimensional coordinated approach.


Data Management / BI / Consulting / Blockchain

Business intelligence and analytics are the core of what makes Intelacomm™ different from our competition. Business intelligence and business analytics are the most widely implemented data management solutions available.

Business intelligence systems are used to maintain, optimize and streamline current operations.  BI utilizes technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of business information.  The purpose of business intelligence is to support data-driven business decision making.

A well balanced BI strategy will include data generation, data management / storage, business intelligence software and data analytics software.  These components improve operational efficiency and helps companies increase organizational productivity when implemented together in a well planned strategy.

Our Core Team

Robert R. Ruckstuhl


Professionally, Bobby has over two decades of experience leading financial services and professional consulting businesses. For over twenty years, he built and grew a multi-state bundled services mortgage operation.  In 2009, Bobby pivoted his experiences to consulting and business development, applying technology and clients’ data resources in order to improve performance and productivity.  The culmination of these experiences and successes is the creation of a global digital technology organization that builds proprietary IP, programs, and systems for international market application.  Bobby completed graduate studies at the Wharton School of Business, was inducted in the Minor Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Malaki T. Cook


Malaki is a web developer with 5+ years of professional experience in the web applications industry, He has been with Intelacomm since ResourceShark™ launched.  As the main developer responsible for the design, development and maintenance of all online properties. In addition to working with Intelacomm, Malaki has worked with multiple businesses developing customized web solutions.

PJ Ruckstuhl


In addition to managing content strategy, PJ coordinates social media campaigns, SEO and keyword integration.  PJ holds a BS from Western Illinois University.

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