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Build targeted prospect lists with access to over 46 million business contacts worldwide. Search by title, job function, management level, industry, location, company size, technologies used and more.

According to statistics, sales reps spend nearly two-thirds of their time on non revenue-generating activities, and only one-third of their time on functions related to selling. If you ask us, this is a huge waste. You’ve hired your reps — and invested in training them — for a reason, and it’s not so that they can waste their time on administrative tasks such as trawling LinkedIn for leads.

So investing in intelacomm will empower your allow you to identify the best leads in record time. You will be glad that you no longer have to spend hours on end Googling people online, and you can turn your sales team into a lean, mean, revenue-generating machine. How’s that for a win-win


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High Quality Verified Data

When it comes to email marketing, plenty of marketers and business owners obsess over A/B testing and optimizing their emails. This is important, but before you even get to testing and optimizing your emails, the first step is to make sure you’re sending these emails out to a verified email database. If you’re not using verified email lists, then it doesn’t matter how much you A/B test your campaigns — it’ll be hard for you to achieve the results that you want. What sets us apart is our built-in real time email verification. Meaning anytime you download or export leads, we verify the email address in real-time. Clean and verified data leads to greater conversions and more sales.

Leads aren’t just leads; they’re living, breathing people with diverse backgrounds that make them who they are. That’s why we’ve built our system to give the ability to search and filter leads in a highly granular way.

More specifically, with intelacomm, you get access to 50+ criteria that you can use to build your list. We’ve thrown in all the criteria that you could possibly think of, and then some. This makes it easy for you to hone in on a highly specific segment whom you know will convert.

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Search Specific Contacts & Companies

Strategically target and engage with the right contacts at your best fit accounts. our platform gives you the ability to search by contact name, company name or company URL.

In a nutshell, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing tactic that flips the traditional sales funnel on its head. With ABM, B2B marketers don’t reach out to a wide audience, convert a small segment of that audience as leads, and then move these leads down a funnel. Instead, they start by identifying key accounts they want to target, and move backwards from there.

The way we look at it, ABM is a strategic way of taking your personalization efforts to the next level. You’re already segmenting your email list, and crafting personalized email campaigns that are targeted to your different buckets of leads. Why not take it a step further, and deal with each account on an individual basis?


Enrich Your Data

Data enrichment is a powerful tool to deliver more value to your sales force. Sales experts describe data enrichment as a method of structuring, implementing and refining information on prospects, leads and customers. In other words — more information for your contacts at all stages of the sales journey. Enrich and enhance your data by appending fields such as contact name, email address, title, company name, address, website, phone number, sic code, industry name, revenue, number of employees and more.

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